What Our Clients Say

J. Carlo Cannell, Cannell Capital LLC

” If everybody's thinking the same thing, then nobody's thinking.”

- General George S. Patton

“That Indian Snowball provides fresh, unbiased data which allows independent consumers to formulate his or her own opinion. It is unique, stellar and a bargain.”

William C. Martin, Raging Capital Management LLC

Snowball is a tremendous research tool for value- and change-orientated investors that literally does the heavy lifting to help you find great, needle-in-the-haystack investment ideas.

David Nierenberg, The D3 Family Funds

Raghu’s research saves us an enormous amount of time researching what other activists are doing with domestic public companies. He is on top of the latest news and he often supplements the news with value-added analysis and background about the activists and the executives. Our payback on subscribing is enormous.

Portfolio Manager (AUM: $200 million)

In a world of too many research services providing too many reports of dubious value, Snowball stands out as a worthwhile and differentiated publisher. Further Snowball’s key personnel are responsive to input from clients and always trying to improve their product, which bodes well for the future.

Adam Wilk, Greystone Capital Management LLC

​I’ve been getting these awesome in depth research reports flagging interesting ideas and special situations via snowballresearch. Highly recommend checking them out - purely qualitative / special situation screens

Edwin Dorsey / Bear Cave